Academic Standard

Think Critically
Tennessee State Standards
Science (2009-2018)
Grade range: 
9 to 12
Subject = Scientific Research
Conceptual StrandCritical thinking skills are essential for identifying and solving scientific problems.Guiding QuestionWhat critical thinking skills are needed to answer researchable questions?
Elements within this Standard
Course Level Expectation
Analyze and study classic scientific problems.
Use scientific instruments to extend the human senses in observation.
Recognize the limitations of scientific investigations.
Use technological tools and mathematical models to analyze problems or questions.
Evaluate safety implications and risks associated with answering a question.
Check For Understanding
Compare the results of an experiment with what is already known about the topic under investigation.
Employ a search engine on the Internet.
Develop and refine a problem statement.
Formulate a research plan that addresses a problem to be solved.
Develop an awareness of the limitations to scientific investigations.
Compare risks and benefits involved with solving a problem.
Demonstrate correct use of scientific instruments.
Anticipate safety issues during experimental design.
Recognize the value of collaboration and division of labor within a team.
Analyze questions using technology and mathematical models.
Use mathematical and computational models to analyze questions derived from the scientific research problem.
Write narrative descriptions of observed scientific phenomena.