Academic Standard

Analyze and Evaluate Data
Tennessee State Standards
Science (2009-2018)
Grade range: 
9 to 12
Subject = Scientific Research
Conceptual StrandTo synthesize, analyze,, and evaluate data is a vital part of solving scientific problem solving.Guiding QuestionWhat problem solving skills are necessary to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate data in order to draw accurate conclusions?
Elements within this Standard
Course Level Expectation
Use statistical analysis to accurately analyze and interpret data.
Evaluate data based in terms of its accuracy and precision.
Draw conclusions based on data analysis and evaluations.
Check For Understanding
Collect data with hand-held technology.
Use graphing calculators or computers to process data.
Use spreadsheets, graphing, and database programs to transform data into a table, graph, or diagram.
Distinguish between accuracy and precision.
Analyze alternate methods for representing data graphically and interpret the results of an experiment.
State a conclusion in terms of the relationship between two or more variables.
Examine trends in data in order to answer questions.
Analyze experimental results and identify the nature and sources of experimental error.
Apply knowledge and data-interpretation skills to support a conclusion.
Suggest alternative explanations for the same observations.
Explain whether the data supports or contradicts the original hypothesis.
Develop alternative hypotheses.
Formulate and revise scientific explanations and models using logic and evidence.
Develop a logical argument about cause-and-effect relationships in an experiment.