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Tennessee State Standards
Science (2009-2018)
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Subject = Life Science
Offspring are similar to, but somewhat different than their parents. Gregor Mendel noticed this phenomenon and through a series of experiments with pea plants discovered the general principles by which traits are transmitted between generations. The laws of probability govern how instructions for development are passed from parents to offspring in thousands of discrete genes, each of which is a segment of a molecule of DNA. The discovery of the structure of DNA was one of the crowning achievements of molecular biology and set the stage for a dramatic reconceptualization of Medelian inheritance.Conceptual StrandPlants and animals reproduce and transmit hereditary information between generations.Guiding QuestionWhat are the principal mechanisms by which living things reproduce and transmit information between parents and offspring?
Elements within this Standard
Grade Level Expectation
Recognize the relationship between reproduction and the continuation of a species.
Differentiate between complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
Check For Understanding
Design a simple demonstration that illustrates the relationship between reproduction and survival of a species.
Study the life cycles of a variety of organisms and determine whether these processes illustrate complete or incomplete metamorphosis.
State Performance Indicator
Draw conclusions about the relationship between reproduction and the survival of a species.
Distinguish between complete and incomplete metamorphosis.