Academic Standard

Number and Operations
Tennessee Diploma Project
Grade range: 
Conceptual StrandThe Number and Operations Standard describes deep and fundamental understanding of, and proficiency with, counting, numbers, and arithmetic, as well as an understanding of number systems and their structures.Guiding QuestionHow do students develop number sense that allows them to naturally decompose numbers, use particular numbers as referents, solve problems using the relationships among operations and knowledge about the base-ten system, estimate a reasonable result for a problem, and have a disposition to make sense of numbers, problems, and results?
Elements within this Standard
Grade Level Expectation
Extend understanding of the real number system to include irrational numbers.
Solve problems involving exponents and scientific notation using technology appropriately.
Solve real-world problems using rational and irrational numbers.
Understand and use the laws of exponents.
Check For Understanding
Recognize and use exponential, scientific, and calculator notation.
Square numbers and simplify square roots.
Solve contextual problems involving powers and roots.
Use a Venn diagram to represent the subsets of the real number system.
Identify the subset(s) of the real number system to which a number belongs.
Simplify expressions using the laws of exponents.
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers expressed scientific notation.
State Performance Indicator
Order and compare rational and irrational numbers and locate on the number line.
Identify numbers and square roots as rational or irrational.
Use scientific notation to compute products and quotients.
Solve real-world problems requiring scientific notation.