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Tennessee Diploma Project
Grade range: 
Conceptual StrandThe Algebra Standard emphasizes relationships among quantities, including functions, patterns, ways of representing mathematical relationships, and the analysis of change.Guiding QuestionHow does algebra encompass the relationships among quantities, the use of symbols, the modeling of phenomena, and the mathematical study of change?
Elements within this Standard
Grade Level Expectation
Write and solve two-step equations and inequalities.
Interpret and represent algebraic relationships with variables in expressions, simple equations and inequalities.
Extend order of operations to include grouping symbols and exponents.
Use expressions, equations and formulas to solve problems.
Use multiple representations including symbolic algebra to model and/or solve contextual problems that involve linear relationships.
Understand and use the Cartesian coordinate system.
Check For Understanding
Write and solve two-step linear equations corresponding to given situations (non-negative numbers only).
Write and solve one-step inequalities corresponding to given situations (non-negative numbers only).
Recognize the use of juxtaposition (such as 3x, ab) to stand for multiplication, and the convention in these cases of writing numbers before letters.
Generate data and graph relationships concerning measurement of length, area, volume, weight, time, temperature, money, and information.
Use the commutative, associative and distributive properties to show that two expressions are equivalent.
Use equations to describe simple relationships shown in a table or graph.
Move fluently between different representations (such as verbal, tabular, numerical, algebraic, and graphical) of equations and expressions.
Represent patterns using words, graphs, and simple symbolic notation.
Write a contextual story modeled by a given graph.
Understand that in an ordered pair (x, y), the x represents horizontal location and y represents vertical location.
Identify the quadrant of the coordinate system in which a point lies.
State Performance Indicator
Represent on a number line the solution of a linear inequality.
Use order of operations and parentheses to simplify expressions and solve problems.
Write equations that correspond to given situations or represent a given mathematical relationship.
Rewrite expressions to represent quantities in different ways.
Translate between verbal expressions/sentences and algebraic expressions/equations.
Solve two-step linear equations using number sense, properties, and inverse operations.
Use algebraic expressions and properties to analyze numeric and geometric patterns.
Select the qualitative graph that models a contextual situation (e.g., water filling then draining from a bathtub).
Graph ordered pairs of integers in all four quadrants of the Cartesian coordinate system.