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Tennessee Diploma Project
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Conceptual StrandThe Algebra Standard emphasizes relationships among quantities, including functions, patterns, ways of representing mathematical relationships, and the analysis of change.Guiding QuestionHow does algebra encompass the relationships among quantities, the use of symbols, the modeling of phenomena, and the mathematical study of change?
Elements within this Standard
Course Level Expectation
Use analytic geometry tools to explore geometric problems involving parallel and perpendicular lines, circles, and special points of polygons.
Explore the effect of transformations on geometric figures and shapes in the coordinate plane.
Check For Understanding
Prove two lines are parallel, perpendicular, or oblique using coordinate geometry.
Connect coordinate geometry to geometric figures in the plane (e.g. midpoints, distance formula, slope, and polygons).
Find the equation of a circle given its center and radius and vice versa.
Apply the midpoint and distance formulas to points and segments to find midpoints, distances, and missing information in two and three dimensions.
Use mapping notation to identify the image of a transformation given the coordinates of the pre-image.
Identify a transformation given its mapping notation.
State Performance Indicator
Use algebra and coordinate geometry to analyze and solve problems about geometric figures (including circles).
Use coordinate geometry to prove characteristics of polygonal figures.
Describe algebraically the effect of a single transformation (reflections in the x- or y-axis, rotations, translations, and dilations) on two-dimensional