Academic Standard

Tennessee Diploma Project
English Language Arts
Grade range: 
Research is the dynamic, attentive, and systematic process of inquiry to discover, interpret, or rework facts, events, behaviors, or theories. Additionally, it makes practical applications with the help of facts, laws, or theories. The term research is also used to describe the collection of information about a particular subject.Conceptual StrandEffective research is the ability to frame, to analyze, and to investigate solutions to problems, while building on and evaluating the credibility of existing research. Effective research leads to the formulation of questions and ultimately to the exploration of new ideas.Guiding QuestionHow does effective research enhance inquiry about any aspect of life?
Elements within this Standard
Grade Level Expectation
Conduct research to access and present information.
Collect, organize, and determine the reliability of researched information.
Present research results in a written report.
Check For Understanding
Define and narrow a topic for research.
Use current technology as a research and communication tool for personal interest, research, and clarification.
Gather and record information on a research topic from a variety of sources.
Evaluate the reliability of sources on a given topic.
Use a graphic organizer to organize information from text or technological sources.
Write a research report using notes taken from three or more sources.
Utilize the dictionary, glossary, thesaurus, and other word-referenced materials.
Use and discern appropriate reference sources in various formats (e.g., interviews with family and community; encyclopedia, card/electronic catalogs, almanacs,
State Performance Indicator
Select appropriate sources from which to gather information on a given topic.
Rank the reliability of sources on a given topic.
Complete a graphic organizer (e.g., chart, web) organizing material collected from text or technological sources.
Differentiate among the kinds of information available in a variety of reference materials (i.e., dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, encyclopedia).