Academic Standard: Component

Create somewhat complicated work-related texts, such as instructions, directions, letters, memos, e-mails, and reports that employ the techniques listed below. Select a medium or a format appropriate to purpose for writing, and maintain focus on the purpose. Use varied strategies to achieve different purposes (e.g., providing facts and details or including examples to illustrate). Demonstrate awareness of audience through selection of medium or format, choice of supporting ideas, background information, word choice, and tone. Respond to opposing viewpoints and/or anticipate and answer potential questions from audience. Use accurate and accessible vocabulary to convey meaning. Provide accurate and relevant support for the main points in the text. Follow customary formats (e.g., use salutation, closing, and signature for business letters, and format for memos). Include formatting or visual elements to guide readers by highlighting specific categories of information and/or to signal transitions between steps (e.g., headings, bulleted lists). Use graphics and illustrative material effectively to support ideas in the text as appropriate to content and medium.
Tennessee Diploma Project
English Language Arts
Component — Check For Understanding
CFU 0601.3.3
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