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Participate productively in self-directed work teams for a particular purpose (e.g., to interpret literature, solve a problem, make a decision) by adhering to the list below. Behavior of Individuals within the Group Clarify, summarize, and paraphrase essential information from group members input. Contribute relevant and appropriate information that moves the team towards its goals. Ask relevant and challenging questions. Gain the floor in orderly, respectful ways and listen to and respond with civility to the ideas of others. Goals and Aims of the Group Understand the purpose for working as a team and work according to that purpose. Develop and articulate the goals for the teamwork and design tasks and strategies to reach the stated goal. Identify the needs of the team or group and evaluate and share various resources (e.g., texts, experts, websites) to respond to those needs. Group Dynamics and Roles Assign and develop roles and responsibilities for team members based on an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and the dynamics of the team. Identify and assign task(s) and develop a timeline for completion. Establish group agreements and ensure appropriate contributions are respected by the team. Use appropriate decision-making processes by coming to a consensus or by following the majority. Monitor whether the team dynamics are fostering achievement of the goal (e.g., monitor whether other team members are understanding and following discussion, seek additional ideas, summarize progress).
Tennessee Diploma Project
English Language Arts
Component — Check For Understanding
CFU 3003.2.14
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Strand = Speaking