Academic Standard: Component

Rearrange the order of supporting paragraphs within a writing sample given a specified organizational pattern (e.g., comparison-contrast, chronological). - Anticipate problems, mistakes, and misunderstandings that might arise for the audience. - Translate technical language into non-technical English. - Provide ideas, examples, and comparisons to support the main points in the text. - Follow customary formats (e.g., use salutation, closing, and signature for business letters, and format for memos). - Use a variety of techniques to format the text. - Effectively employ formatting and other visual elements (e.g., headings, bulleted lists, effective use of white space on the page). - Use graphics and illustrative material effectively to support ideas in the text.
Tennessee Diploma Project
English Language Arts
Component — State Performance Indicator
SPI 3001.3.8
Grade range: 
Strand = Genre and Purpose