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Fifth Grade: The History of America (from 1850)
Tennessee State Standards
Social Studies (2014-2019)
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Educational Division = Primary Education

<p><strong>Content Strands:</strong> Many academic standards for social studies courses are categorized into <em>content strands</em> as indicated by letter codes. (C=Culture, E=Economics, G=Geography, H=History, P=Politics/Government, TN=Tennessee)</p>

Fifth grade students will learn about the challenges facing the new nation, with an emphasis on the causes, course, and consequences of the Civil War and Industrial America. They will explore the major military, economic, social, and political events of the early twentieth century, such as World War I and the Great Depression. Students will describe the key events and accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and the nation's growing role in world affairs, from World War II to modern day. In addition, they will analyze structures of power and authority and develop civic efficacy, which requires understanding rights, responsibilities, ethical behavior, and the role of citizens within their community, nation, and world. Students will use geographic tools to locate and analyze information about people, places, and environments in Tennessee and the United States. Students will further study the unique historical, economic, social, and cultural developments of Tennessee, and learn how our state impacted our nation and the world. Students will develop research, analytic, and critical thinking skills through the evaluation of evidence, interpretation of primary sources, and the construction of sound historical arguments and perspectives.
Elements within this Grade Level or Course
Prior to Civil War
The Civil War and Reconstruction (1860-1877)
Industrial America and Westward Expansion
World War I, The Roaring Twenties, and World War II
The Modern United States