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Ancient History
Tennessee State Standards
Social Studies (2014-2019)
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Grade range: 
9 to 12
Educational Division = Secondary Education

<p><strong>Content Strands:</strong> Many academic standards for social studies courses are categorized into <em>content strands</em> as indicated by letter codes. (C=Culture, E=Economics, G=Geography, H=History, P=Politics/Government, TN=Tennessee)</p><p><strong>Primary Documents and Supporting Texts to Read:</strong> excerpts from The Prince, Machiavelli</p>

Students will examine the major periods of Ancient History from prehistoric times to 1500 AD/CE. Major emphasis will be given to the Neolithic Revolution, the development of river valley civilizations, the rise of Greece and Rome, and the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
Elements within this Grade Level or Course
Social Studies Skills
Human Origins and Early Civilizations, Prehistory to 1000 BC/BCE
Classical Civilizations and Rise of Religious Traditions, 1000 BC/BCE to 500 AD/CE
Postclassical Civilizations, 300 to 1000 AD/CE
Regional Interactions, 1000 to 1500 AD/CE