Environmental Protection Agency-Teacher Resources

This teacher resource page from the EPA has information for both teachers and students about the country's ecology, ecosystems, waterways, wastes, climate change and more. This website is a one-stop shop for everything relating to the environment! Teachers can find a wealth of information from academic resources to lesson plans to e-field trips for students. All activities have a brief description and are tied to grade level expectations, which makes navigation much easier.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
GLE 0407.2.1
Analyze the effects of changes in the environment on the stability of an ecosystem.
GLE 0507.2.1
Investigate different nutritional relationships among organisms in an ecosystem.
GLE 0507.2.2
Explain how organisms interact through symbiotic, commensal, and parasitic relationships.
GLE 0507.2.3
Establish the connections between human activities and natural disasters and their impact on the environment.
GLE 0607.2.1
Examine the roles of consumers, producers, and decomposers in a biological community.
GLE 0607.2.2
Describe how matter and energy are transferred through an ecosystem.
GLE 0607.2.4
Analyze the environments and the interdependence among organisms found in the worlds major biomes.
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