Intersections of Lines and Planes

This is one lesson within a 10-lesson Unit Plan. Includes teacher notes, student work and/or hands-on activities, and Exit Tickets. It also contains formative and summative assessment with a Unit Exam. Lesson 3 (begins on p. 11) is Describe and identify the intersection of lines and plane.`Hands-on activity that helps teach the undefined terms, points, lines, and planes, using descriptions, symbols, illustrations, and real world applications, it also includes coplanar and collinear.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3108.1.1
Use mathematical language, symbols, definitions, proofs and counterexamples correctly and precisely in mathematical reasoning.
CLE 3108.1.4
Move flexibly between multiple representations (contextual, physical written, verbal, iconic/pictorial, graphical, tabular, and symbolic), to solve problems, to...
CLE 3108.1.6
Employ reading and writing to recognize the major themes of mathematical processes, the historical development of mathematics, and the connections between...
CLE 3108.4.1
Develop the structures of geometry, such as lines, angles, planes, and planar figures, and explore their properties and relationships.
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Lesson Variations

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