Inherited traits

Provided at this site is a basic lesson plan that encourages students to collect data and inquire about inherited traits.  There is also a 3 pt. rubric to assess understanding and mastery of the skill.  You will find a few links to other websites for enrichment. This resource provides a lesson that includes data collection and inquiry.  Students will collect data from family member and draw conclusions about inherited traits.  The result is that students will understand that physical traits can come from family members.  

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
GLE 0207.4.2
Realize that parents pass along physical characteristics to their offspring.
GLE 0307.4.2
Recognize common human characteristics that are transmitted from parents to offspring.
GLE 0507.4.2
Recognize that some characteristics are inherited while others result from interactions with the environment.
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Learning objectives: 


Students will:

  • define the terms "genes" and "heredity"
  • identify learned and inherited behaviors
  • describe and compare family traits and characteristics.

Helpful Hints


  • Paper and pencils
  • Computer with Internet access (optional)