Famous People

A slide show of various famous people are shown and the student guesses their ages. The Learner Will (TLW) use mental math to compute age given birthday. TLW use technology to compare estimated age vs. actual age. TLW construct and compare two boxplots TLW use technology to create a scatterplot and find the line of "Best Fit" aka LSRL TLW use a calculator page to do a statistical analysis to find key statistical values. TLW generate a residual box plot.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3103.5.2
Evaluate and critique various ways of collecting data and using information based on data published in the media.
CLE 3103.5.3
Use data and statistical thinking to draw inferences, make predictions, justify conclusions and identify and explain misleading uses of data.
CLE 3103.5.4
Develop an understanding of probability concepts in order to make informed decisions.
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Activity/Task Variations

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