About Us

The Ayers Institute

The Ayers Institute for Learning & Innovation exists to support both pre-service and current-service educators through individualized educational opportunities, embedded professional learning, and innovative resources that result in positive student outcomes.

Established as a partnership between the Ayers Foundation and Lipscomb University’s College of Education in Nashville, Tenn., the Ayers Institute serves as a bridge between policy and practice, as well as between educators in K-12 and higher education.

Our Mission

To support teachers and leaders in improving student outcomes through proven professional learning and resources and to incubate innovative instructional ideas.


Resources for growth and success in education.

The eduToolbox® website is an online portal that features instructional resources for educators in Tennessee and beyond! The website brings together materials that were previously available through the Tennessee Curriculum Center and TNCore.org, as well as new materials produced by the Ayers Institute for Learning and Innovation.  Here you will find a wealth of educational resources across all subjects and grade levels.