Ayers Exclusives

Through online resources; courses and seminars; and coaching and custom programs, the Ayers Institute is working to build capacity within teachers and leaders across the state, the nation, and the world.

Online Resources

The Ayers Institute provides access to online tools for teachers and leaders to use in their classrooms and schools as well as for educator-preparation faculty to use in their courses.  These materials created through various collaborative projects, incorporate the expertise from educational practitioners across the state.  Within the online resources you will find model lesson videos and facilitator’s guides; school leader best practices and example videos; unit and lesson plans for all levels and content areas; instructional materials and strategies; and professional learning tools.

Crosswalk charts are available.


Courses and Seminars

The Ayers Institute provides a variety of learning opportunities for pre-service teachers, current-service teachers, school leaders, school counselors, and university faculty.  Many of these opportunities are free and customizable for use in university courses or professional learning programs.  Other opportunities are offered at a low cost and for TASL and graduate credit.


Coaching and Custom Programs

The Ayers Institute is a leader in instructional and school leadership coaching.  The Institute offers various professional learning opportunities for coaches and school leaders to strengthen their own coaching skills and learn about how to build their coaching programs.  In addition, the Ayers Institute partners with schools, districts, and other educational entities across the state to engage in individualized coaching and professional learning initiatives.