Crosswalk Charts


Crosswalk tables are designed to show you connections between academic standards and other related standards or available resources.  The information in this section can help you discover high-quality materials and assist you in planning professional learning for both individuals and groups.


Resources Aligned to TEAM General Educator Rubric

The Tennessee Educator Accelerator Model (TEAM) is one method by which teachers and leaders in Tennessee ensure the best instruction for students.  Using the indicators of the TEAM rubric, educators work together to identify what is working well in the classroom (Area of Reinforcement), where there are opportunities for growth (Area of Refinement), and options for professional development to support continued growth.   The Ayers Institute provides resources for professional development aligned to the TEAM General Educator Rubric.


Resources Aligned to TEAM Admin Rubric & TILS

The Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards (TILS) establish the structural framework of the TEAM Administrator Evaluation Rubric.  This rubric is designed to help school leaders develop leadership practices that have a direct impact on student achievement.   The Ayers Institute provides professional learning resources aligned to the TEAM Administrator Evaluation Rubric.


Resources Aligned to the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders

The Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PLES) establish a voluntary framework for thinking about high quality educational leadership.  This updated set of standards (formerly known as the ISLLC standards) differs from its predecessors by focusing more strongly and clearly on students and student learning.