The eduTOOLBOX Breakout deck

The eduTOOLBOX Breakout deck is a versatile, instructional tool that will help facilitate student engagement within the classroom.  It is specifically designed to support student grouping and academic questioning, but is also flexible to be used in many imaginative applications.  This card deck will accommodate class sizes up to 36 students and can be used by all ages.

The Breakout deck is one of the fastest and easiest ways to divide your class into small groups, or to make random selection of students to participate in classroom activities.

You can order eduTOOLBOX Breakout Decks from our online store.

Ways to use the Breakout deck:

  1. The teacher can draw a card from the deck to randomly select students for participation in a classroom activity.  (e.g. Choose a student to call on for an answer, or to choose 3 students to perform a role play.)
  2. The students can be easily divided into groups for collaborative work.  (e.g. Create 5 groups with equal numbers of students, or create groups with 3 students in each group.)
  3. Use the cards to decide which learning center each student will go to first.
  4. In a quiz game, draw a card and use the shapes to determine which of 5 types of question will be asked.
  5. In trivia games, ask the questions in random order based on the card numbers drawn from the deck.
  6. In board games, draw a card and use the color to indicate how far the team’s token will advance.

Have you discovered other great ways to use the Breakout deck in your classroom?  Please send us a note to share your idea!