Donna Boatwright

Jo Byrns High School; Robertson County
Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Accuracy vs. Precision  Grades 5 - 8Multiple1
Aw Chute  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
Calculate rates determining cost per unit  Grade 8Mathematics1
Can We Predict Differences?  Grade 8Mathematics1
Compound Events Worksheet  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Computation Castle  Grade 8Mathematics1
Cross Section Geometry  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Cross sections - Slicing Solids  Grades 4 - 8Multiple1
Deal or No Deal  Grade 8Mathematics1
Dependent Events  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Exponential functions  Grade 8Mathematics1
Famous People - Scatterplot activity  Grade 8Mathematics1
Go Fish - A Proportional Activity  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
Graphing nonlinear equations  Grade 8Mathematics1
Guess the View  Grades 4 - 8Multiple1
Histograms and Bar Graphs Lesson Plan  Grades 2 - 5Mathematics1
Identify Cross-Sections  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Inequality Game  Grades 1 - 8Multiple1
Interactive parallel line and angles  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
Linear, quadratic and exponential models  Grade 8Mathematics1
Measurement facts quiz  Grade 8Mathematics1
Measurement Workshop  Grade 8Mathematics1
Movement with Functions  Grades 3 - 5Mathematics1
My Test Book  Grades 7 - 8Multiple1
Parallel lines and explainations  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
Perfect Squares Worksheet  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Plus Magazine - living mathematics  Grades K - 3Multiple1
Pythagorean Theorem  Grade 8Mathematics1
Rise Run Triangles  Grades 6 - 12Mathematics1
Rise Up/ Run Out Song  Grades 2 - 8Multiple1
Slip to the Side - Song of Rounding  Grades 2 - 5Multiple1
Spaghetti Bridges - A data collection activity  Grade 8Mathematics1
Supply and Demand  Grades 9 - 12Mathematics1
Teaching the Metric System for America's Future  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
Test Questions for Algebra Strand  Grades 5 - 8Mathematics1
Tic-Tac-Toe Equations and Inequalities Game  Grade 8Mathematics1
Two for One Box Company - A Volume Activity  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
Two Step Equation Game  Grades 1 - 8Multiple1
Up, Up and Away  Grades 4 - 8Mathematics1
Using Models to Build an Understanding of Functions  Grade 8Mathematics1
Using the TI83 Calculator  Grades K - 12Mathematics1
Writing Algebraic Equations  KindergartenMathematics1