Pat Carpenter

McDonald; Greene County
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Activity: Absorbing Sunlight in Different Colored Soil Surfaces  Grade 6Science1
Asteroids, Comets, Solar System  Grade 6Multiple1
Astronomy for Kids--Comets, Asteroids, Planets  Grade 6Multiple1
Bottle Rocket Chemistry  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Building a Better Mousetrap Car  Grades 6 - 7Science1
Building an Overhead Water Rocket Launcher  Grade 7Science1
Climate system: Movement of wind and water  Grade 6Science1
DLESE Teaching Boxes--Mountain Building  Grade 7Science1
Eclipse--A KidsKnowIt Production  Grades 2 - 6Multiple1
Leaning Tower of Pasta  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Learn About Gravity and Tides  Grade 6Science1
Learning Links & Earthquake Activities  Grades 6 - 7Multiple1
Make a Model of Sea-floor Spreading  Grade 7Science1
Measurement Games  Grade 4Science1
Mighty Minerals  Grade 7Science1
Mineral Information Institute--Homework Help for Students  Grade 7Science1
Minerals in Your House  Grade 7Science1
Moon Tides: How the Moon Affects OceanTides  Grade 6Science1
Nasa Releases New Lunar Eclipse Video  Grades 2 - 6Multiple1
Photosynthesis Matching Game  Grade 7Multiple1
Photosynthesis Video and Game  Grade 7Multiple1
Picture Perfect Science Lessons - Oil Spills  Grade 7Science1
Plate Tectonics, the Cause of Earthquakes  Grade 7Science1
Rocketology: Baking Soda + Vinegar = Lift Off  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Sea-floor Spreading -Windows 2 the Universe:  Grade 7Science1
Sea-floor Spreading Video  Grade 7Science1
Shake, Rattle, Slide  Grades 6 - 7Multiple1
The Carbon Dioxide - Oxygen Cycle  Grade 7Science1
Why Doesn't the Moon Fall Down?  Grade 5Science1
Wind  Grade 6Science1
Wind, Where Does It Come From  Grade 5Science1
Year of the Solar System  Grade 6Multiple1