Lois Coles

Brentwood Middle School; Williamson County
Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Algebra I Assessments  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Corner to Corner  Grade 8Mathematics1
Exponents Powerpoints  Grade 8Mathematics1
Exponents: Basic Rules  Grade 8Mathematics1
Graphing Calculator - Scientific Notation with Large Numbers  Grade 8Mathematics1
Graphing Calculator - Scientific Notation with Small Numbers  Grade 8Mathematics1
Graphing Systems of Equations with Graphing Calculator  Grades 2 - 8Multiple1
I Can Do This - Systems of Equations Lesson Plan  Grades 4 - 12Mathematics1
Irrational Numbers  Grade 8Mathematics1
Irrational Numbers  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
King Kong Scientific Notation Game  Grade 8Mathematics1
Left Hand-Right Hand Solving Systems of Equations  Grades 4 - 8Mathematics1
Number Family Interactive  Grade 8Mathematics1
Powers of Ten Video  Grades 5 - 8Mathematics1
Powers of Ten: A Flipbook  Grades 1 - 8Mathematics1
Properties of Exponents and Scientific Notation  Grade 8Mathematics1
Rational and Irrational Numbers on a Number Line  Grade 8Mathematics1
Real Number System  Grade 8Mathematics1
Real Numbers  Grade 8Mathematics1
Real Numbers Interactive  Grade 8Mathematics1
Scientific Notation  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Scientific Notation  Grade 8Mathematics1
Scientific Notation Concentration Game  Grade 8Mathematics1
Scientific Notation Practice  Grade 8Mathematics1
Solving a System of Equations  Grades 3 - 8Multiple1
Subsets of Real Numbers  Grade 8Mathematics1
Systems of Equations Game  Grades 4 - 8Multiple1
Systems of Equations Jeopardy Game  Grades 3 - 8Multiple1
Systems of Equations Word Problems  Grades 1 - 8Multiple1
Systems of Equations: How to Solve Systems  Grade 8Mathematics1
Systems of Linear Equations  Grades 1 - 8Multiple1
Systems of Linear Equations  Grades 3 - 8Multiple1
The Joy of Pi  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
The Real Numb3rs System WebQuest  Grade 8Mathematics1
Understanding Solutions of Systems using Tables and Graphs  Grades 4 - 8Multiple1
WebQuest: The Real Number System  Grade 8Mathematics1
Working with Scientific Notation  Grade 8Mathematics1