Lisa Stalans

Gibbs Elementary; Knox County
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BBC - Schools Science Clips - Forces and movement  Grades 5 - 7Multiple1
BBC - Schools Science Clips - Friction  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
Bill Nye on Phases of Matter (Part 1)  Grades 5 - 7Multiple1
Chem4Kids  Grade 4Science1
Chemical Properties Of Matter  Grade 5Science1
Children's Misconceptions about Science  Grades 4 - 7Multiple1
Chile Earthquake Video  Grade 5Science1
Concept Cartoons  Grade 5Science1
Friction Game  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
Friction: Bill Nye on Friction (Part 1)  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
How to Design an Experiment  Grades 5 - 9Multiple1
Human Impact on the Environment  Grades K - 5Multiple1
Human Impact on the Natural Environment  Grade 5Science1
Hurricanes Could Carry Gulf Oil Inland Video  Grade 5Science1
Interactions Between Living Things and Their Environment  Grade 5Science1
Investigating Friction  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
Keep Your Candy Cool With the Power of Evaporation!  Grade 5Science1
Kids' Heating Experiments  Grade 5Science1
Malaria  Grade 5Science1
MSNBC - Oil from massive Gulf spill reaching coast  Grades 1 - 5Multiple1
National Geographic Kids  Grade 5Science1
Nova States of Matter  Grades 5 - 7Multiple1
Pollution: Bill Nye on Pollution (Part 1)  Grade 5Science1
Questions for Four Different Types of Investigations  Grades 5 - 9Multiple1
Save an animal board game - Impact of Human Activity or Natural Disasters  Grades 2 - 5Science1
States of Matter  Grade 4Science1
States of Matter  Grade 4Science1
StudyJams  Grade 5Science1
Symbiosis  Grade 5Science1
The Friction Challenge  Grades 4 - 12Science1
What are Natural Disasters?  Grade 5Science1
What Are Physical Changes In Matter?  Grades 4 - 5Science1
What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?  Grade 5Science1
Why Does Matter Matter?  Grades 3 - 4Science1