Christine Gillum

North Stewart Elementary; Stewart County
Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Building a Weather Station  Grades K - 3Science1
Cycles of Life  Grades 2 - 4Multiple1
Dissolving Salt  Grades 2 - 3Multiple1
Forecasting Weather with Clouds  Grade 3Science1
Heating and Cooling  Grade 3Science1
Inside a Seed  Grades 3 - 6Science1
Landform Memory Game  Grade 3Science1
Living or Non-living Things  Grades K - 5Science1
Living Things Song  Grade 3Multiple1
Living Vs. Non-living Book  Grades 2 - 3Multiple1
Living Vs. Non-living Quiz  Grades 2 - 3Multiple1
Mixtures and Solutions Video  Grade 3Science1
Natural vs. Manmade  Grades 1 - 7Multiple2
Particles in Matter  Grades K - 3Multiple1
Physical Changes Lab  Grades 3 - 4Science1
Physical Properties of Matter  Grade 3Science1
Plant Parts  Grades K - 4Science1
Sand and Water Filtration Video  Grade 3Science1
Separating Iron and Sand Video  Grade 3Science1
The Virtual Ecosystem  Grade 3Science1
Types of Clouds  Grade 3Science1
Types of Mixtures Powerpoint  Grade 3Science1
What are Weather Tools?  Grade 3Science1
What is a Cloud?  Grades 3 - 4Multiple1
What's the Matter  Grades 2 - 3Multiple1
Wolves vs. Grizzly Bear Video  Grade 3Science1