Carrie Warner

Vance Middle School; Bristol
Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
6+1 Traits of Writing: PowerPoint  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
6th- 8th Grade Analogy Types  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
A Dickens of a Party: Web Quest  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Bibliography Blunders  Grades 6 - 8ELA / Literacy1
Boston:The Big Picture (Current Media Pictures from Around the World)  Grades 5 - 8ELA / Literacy1
Common Foreign Phrases-Line Match Game  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Creative Writing Prompts  Grades 6 - 8ELA / Literacy1
Figurative Language Rap Song  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Finding Sources  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Genre Activities  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Grammar Blast: Complex Sentences  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Historical Terms- Primary or Secondary Source  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Idioms Game- Slang Game  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Inductive and Deductive Reasoning-Notes & Practice  Grades 7 - 8ELA / Literacy1
Information Elimination: A Lesson on Narrowing the Topic in Expository Writing  Grades 6 - 8ELA / Literacy1
Literary Terms Hangman  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Literature Genre: PowerPoint  Grades 5 - 7ELA / Literacy1
Point of View Power point  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
Primary & Secondary Sources: Do you know the difference?  Grades 6 - 8ELA / Literacy1
Project Based Learning  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
StoryLine OnLine  Grades K - 7ELA / Literacy1
Text Structures Graphic Organizers  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1
The Fallacy Detective  Grades 2 - 7ELA / Literacy1
The Week in Rap (Media Rap Videos)  Grades 4 - 7Multiple1
Types of Paragraphs  Grades 6 - 8ELA / Literacy1
What is Point of View? PowerPoint  Grade 7ELA / Literacy1