Julie Lewis

Austin East High School; Knox County
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AdLit.org's Strategy Library  Grades 7 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Avoiding Comma Splices, Fused Sentences, and Run-ons  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Baseball, Race Relations and Jackie Robinson by Arnold Pulda, located at the Library of Congress site  Grade 10ELA / Literacy1
Body Language: Vocabulary Rooted in Latin Anatomy. Author: Visual Thesaurus  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Building a Better Argument. Author: Joe Miller.  Grades 4 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Cartoon Analysis Worksheet. Author: Education Staff, National Archives and Records Administration.  Grades 5 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Classroom Organization for Group Work. Author: MyRead.org (Commonwealth of Australia)  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Classroom Strategies: Text Structures  Grades 7 - 10Multiple1
Compare-Contrast, Cause-Effect, Problem-Solution: Common Text Types in the New York Times. Author: Katherine Schulten  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Correct the Celebrity Practice Sheet  Grades 10 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Credible Sources Count! Interactive Tutorial  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Critical Thinking: Persuasive Techniques.  Grades 5 - 11ELA / Literacy1
Cultural Creation Myths: What Myths Tell Us About A Civilization.  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Current Issues and Critical Thinking: Informational Text Activities. Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Eighteen Literacy Strategies for Struggling Readers  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Einstein and His Times: Informational Text, Science, and History. Cosmic Times lesson.  Grades 9 - 10Science1
Excuse Me, Your Modifier Is Dangling: A Creative Way to Teach Dangling Modifiers. Author: Ms. Hinton  Grades 1 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Exploring Satire with Shrek. Author: Readwritethink.org  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
F. Martin Aller-Stead High School English Resources  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Fact and Opinion Online Assessment. Author: Worley School  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Formulating a Thesis and Outline. Author: Southview High School  Grades 3 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Gathering, Recording, and Presenting Data  Grade 6ELA / Literacy1
Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper: Interactive Tone and Perception Activity. Author: Edsitement.  Grade 11ELA / Literacy1
Grammar Exercises - Reviews and Quizzes. Author: English Mistakes Welcome.  Grades 7 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Grammar Traps Archive - Confusing words and usage explanations  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
High School Reading Scoring Guide - Informational Text. Author: Oregon Dept. of Education  Grades 3 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Hoax or No Hoax?  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
House and Holmes: A Guide to Deductive and Inductive Reasoning  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
How do you know if a claim is true?  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Ideas on How to Act: Be Informed, Speak Up, Act Lesson Plan  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Identifying Tone of a Passage. Author: Urban Dreams.  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Inductive Reasoning Video. Author: Julie Bishop, Northeast Arkansas Educational Cooperative (NEA).  Grades 9 - 11ELA / Literacy1
Informational Text: What's It All About? Author: Rita Maddox, Language Arts Consultant  Grades 6 - 12Multiple1
Introducing the Essay: Twain, Douglass, and American Nonfiction (emphasis on logic)  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Knowing Poe. Author: Maryland Public Television.  Grades 6 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Learning About Research and Writing Using the American Revolution  Grades 3 - 5ELA / Literacy1
Learning Through Presentations. Author: Jeff Utecht  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
List of Interactive Quizzes - Grammar from the Guide to Grammar and Writing. Author: Capital Community College.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Literary Terms Glossary. Author: Joel Littauer  Grades 4 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Lyrical Legacy: 400 Years of American Song and Poetry. Author: Library of Congress.  Grades 10 - 11ELA / Literacy1
Making Sense of Mental Health: Past and Present. Story and Research Project.  Grades 9 - 11Multiple1
Mini-lesson for Text Elements posted by Polk County, FL  Grade 5ELA / Literacy1
Multimedia Heroes Analysis  Grades 9 - 11ELA / Literacy1
MyRead Guide - Visual Text Analysis  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Online Writing Support. Author: Towson University  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Paraphrase Craze. Author: Beacon Learning Center.  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Persuasion, or Propaganda? Analyzing World War II Posters  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Princeton Review's Vocab Minute [podcast]  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Research Guide: Assessing Sources (PBS.org)  Grades K - 11Multiple1
Rhetorical Graphic Organizer and Literary Device Graphic Organizer. Author: Ms. Lewis blog.  Grades 7 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Romeo and Juliet: Insight into Ourselves [Play analysis and project on current social issue]  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Signs of the Time Project [how time periods affect literature - coincides with choice novel studies]. Author: Intel Education.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy2
Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric. [ALL About Rhetoric]. Author: Gideon Burton, Brigham Young University  Grades 10 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Social Studies Skills Tutor [informational text resource]. Author: Pearson Education.  Grades 7 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Sophomore English Public Speaking Unit. Author: Teacher from Tempe Union HS District.  Grade 10ELA / Literacy1
Speech Analysis #1: How to Study and Critique a Speech  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Speech Analysis of MLK Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech" with five different lesson ideas. Author: Andrew Dlugan.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Suggestions for Pairing Contemporary Music and Canonical Literature. Author: Dr. Freddie A. Bowles and Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Take the Prefix Challenge [Learning the Most Used Prefixes]. Author: Visual Thesaurus.  Grades 3 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Teacher's Guide Series for Motion Pictures. Author: The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Teaching Lord of the Flies with The New York Times. Author: Holly Oljavo and Shannon Doyne, The New York Times.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Teaching with Infographics: Places to Start. Author: The New York Times.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Test Yourself: English / Language Arts Question Archive. Author: The Learning Network, part of The New York Times Learning Blog.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Text Structure Resources. Author: eReading Worksheets  Grades 8 - 10ELA / Literacy1
The Facts and the Figures written by Catharine Niuzzo Honaman  Grade 10ELA / Literacy1
The Lasting Impact of Our Town. Author: CBS News.  Grade 10ELA / Literacy1
The Original Persuasive Essay Thesis Builder  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
The Passion of Punctuation  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
The Political Dr. Seuss (themes in Dr. Seuss's writing)  Grades 4 - 12ELA / Literacy1
The Public Health Film Goes to War: The Films  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
The Tabloid Ballad. Author: Poetry Outloud  Grades 4 - 12ELA / Literacy1
The Writing Genres at The Writing Fix  Grades 7 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Things Fall Apart: Teaching through the Novel. Author: EdSitement.  Grade 10ELA / Literacy1
Time Magazine's 2011 Person of the Year: The Protestor. Author: Jennie Spiegler, Teachable Moment.  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Top Ten Strategies for Teachers of Writing. ERIC Database. Author: Vincent Miholic  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Understanding language registers as a means to more effective communication. Author: Cheryl Carter  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Using Comics to Teach Inferencing. Author: Mr. C (Blogger)  Grades 6 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Vandergrift's Young Adult Literature Page. Author: Kay Vandergrift.  Grades 1 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Venn Diagrams and Logic. Adapted from an article by Frances Van Dyke in Mathematics Teacher. (Non-math lesson)  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Vocabulary Can Be Fun. Author: VKidz.  Grades 6 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Vocabulary Development and Writing: Similarities and Differences: Depth and Breadth of Meaning  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Voice: A Poetry Unit. Author: Gigi Goshko  Grades 7 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Word Info Vocabulary Quizzes  Grades 7 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Word Play: Poetry Experiments. Author: Internet Public Library  Grades 8 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Writing a Persuasive Essay by Waterford Union High School  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Writing Exercises for High School Students. ERIC Database. Author: Barbara Vultaggio  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1