Leslie Wolfe

Hardin County Middle School; Hardin County
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"Are All Numbers Rational?"  Grade 7Mathematics1
"Help, Quick...I need HELP!" -Math Tutorial  Grade 7Mathematics1
"How do I find Scale Factor?"  Grade 7Mathematics1
"Is a Relation a Function?" How do I know?  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
"Opposites Attract"- Integer Unit  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
"Saving the Zogs"... Identifying Linear Equations  Grade 7Mathematics1
"That Quiz" - Wow, I did Awesome!  Grade 7Mathematics1
"The Teaching Channel" - Check this out!  Grade 7Mathematics1
Absolute Value and Integers  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Aceing the Constructed Response Assessment  Grade 7Mathematics1
All you Need to Know about Relations and Functions  Grade 7Mathematics1
Ask Dr. Math about Similar Trangles  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Bean Counting and Ratios  Grade 7Mathematics1
Big Math Ideas - Inspiring Journal Article  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Calculating Square Roots without a Calculator  Grade 7Mathematics1
Certain and Impossible Events  Grades 6 - 7Multiple1
Conquering Similar Triangles  Grade 7Mathematics1
Constructed Response Assessment Success  Grade 7Mathematics1
Conversion of Rational Numbers to Percent  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Converting from Fraction to Decimal  Grade 7Mathematics1
Creating Algebraic Equations  Grade 7Mathematics1
Daily Dose of Math  Grade 7Mathematics1
Decention- Converting Fraction, Decimal, and Percent  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Defining a Linear Equation  Grade 7Mathematics1
Determining Whether a Relation is a Function  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
Direct and Inversely Proportional Word Problems  Grade 7Mathematics1
Equation of a Line Game  Grades 5 - 8Multiple1
Estimating the Side Length of a Square from Its Area  Grades 7 - 12Multiple1
Finding the Percent of Increase and Decrease  Grade 7Mathematics1
Functions Vs. Relations  Grade 7Mathematics1
Graphing Linear Equations Can Be Made into a Game  Grades 5 - 8Multiple1
Help from Wolfram Alpha  Grade 7Mathematics1
Histograms and More  Grade 7Mathematics1
How do I answer a Constructive Response Question?  Grade 7Mathematics1
How to Determine Directly Proportional Or Not!  Grade 7Mathematics1
How to find the Sale Price?  Grade 7Mathematics1
Integer Duel  Grades K - 7Mathematics1
Integer Football Game  Grade 7Mathematics1
Integer Quiz  Grade 7Mathematics1
Integers or Not?  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Interactive Arithmetic Quiz  Grade 7Mathematics1
Interactive Jeopardy / Algebra Review  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Jenga- An Awesome Test Prep Tool  Grades 6 - 7Multiple1
Linear Inequalities  Grade 7Mathematics1
Make Your Own Graph  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
Matching Games for Verbal Expressions  Grade 7Mathematics1
Math in the News  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
Math Race with Adding Integers  Grade 7Mathematics1
Math Rap Songs  Grade 7Mathematics1
Math Story Hour  Grade 7Mathematics1
Math Symbols- What do they all mean?  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
Mean, Median, Mode Games Galore  Grade 7Mathematics1
Negative Exponents  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
NutShell Math/ Order of Operations  Grades 5 - 8Mathematics1
Order of Operation Rap  Grade 7Mathematics1
Patterns and Number Sequences  Grade 7Mathematics1
Percent and Proportions - "How are they related?"  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Polynomial - "What in the world is that?"  Grade 7Mathematics1
Powerpoint on Relations and Functions  Grade 7Mathematics1
Probability Goodies  Grade 7Mathematics1
Professor Perez Introduces Unit Rate  Grades 6 - 12Mathematics1
Proportions Word Problems  Grade 7Mathematics1
Quiz, Quiz, and More Quizzes!!!!!  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Ratio Word Problem Bank  Grade 7Mathematics1
Ratios and Proportion - Steps 1 - 4  Grade 7Mathematics1
Ratios and Rates Instruction and Practice  Grade 7Mathematics1
Ready-Made Powerpoint Presentations  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
Scale Drawing Examples Galore  Grade 7Mathematics1
Shopping Mall Math  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
Solving Linear Equations  Grade 7Mathematics1
Solving Sides of Similar Figures  Grade 7Mathematics1
Solving Two Step Equations  Grade 7Mathematics1
Solving Word Problems using Integers  Grade 7Mathematics1
SSS, SAS, AA Triangles  Grade 7Mathematics1
Statistics/ Graph and Tools  Grade 7Multiple1
Thinking Blocks to solve Ratios  Grade 7Mathematics1
Tic Tac Toe Equations and Inequalitites  Grades 5 - 8Mathematics1
Tic Tac Toe Squares  Grade 7Mathematics1
Two Step Linear Equation - How on earth do they work?  Grade 7Mathematics1
Understanding Probability  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
What Are My Chances  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
What is a Ratio?  Grades 6 - 7Mathematics1
Whole Class Vocabulary Review Powerpoint Games  Grades 7 - 8Mathematics1
Writing Algebraic Expression from Word Problems  Grade 7Mathematics1