Kathryn CromwellPrice

Sea Isle; Memphis
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 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Build Your Own Barometer  Grades 3 - 6Multiple1
Changing Sounds  Grades 2 - 3Science1
Classify Forces  Grade 3Science1
Clouds  Grade 3Multiple1
Earth Materials  Grades K - 3Multiple1
Eye on the Sky  Grade 3Science1
Force and Movement  Grade 3Science1
Force in Action  Grade 3Science1
Forces and Motion  Grade 3Science1
Four Seasons/One Year in Two Minutes  Grade 2Science1
Gets an Ear Full:A Game About Sound  Grades 2 - 3Multiple1
GROOVY GUITARS  Grades 2 - 6Multiple1
Hilarious Honker  Grades 2 - 4Multiple1
How A Kazoo Makes Sounds  Grades 2 - 12Science1
Interactive Weather Maker  Grade 2Multiple1
Investigation - Push and Pull  Grade 3Science1
Investigation - Zoom Balls  Grade 3Science1
Make a Homemade Thermometer!  Grade 3Science1
Make a Rain Gauge  Grade 3Science1
Make a Thermometer  Grade 3Science1
Make an Anemometer!  Grade 3Science1
May the Best Force Win  Grade 3Science1
Mineral Properties  Grades 1 - 3Multiple1
Musical Coat Hangers  Grades K - 4Multiple1
Pushes and Pulls  Grade 3Science1
Read a Thermometer/Graph Temperature  Grade 2Science1
Rock Hunters  Grades K - 2Science1
Rock Star Centers-Journaling  Grade 2Science1
Sampling Rocks  Grades K - 2Science1
Science Activities on Sound for Second Grade  Grades 2 - 6Multiple1
See the Science of Sound  Grades 2 - 12Science1
Sound and Hearing  Grades 2 - 4Science1
Super Sound Cone!  Grades K - 6Multiple1
The Phenomemon of Sound Waves  Grades 2 - 6Science1
The Weather Channel for Kids  Grade 2Science1
Tin Can Phone  Grades K - 5Multiple1
Using Force and Motion  Grade 3Science1
VIBRATING VIOLINS  Grades 2 - 6Multiple1