Academic standards provide a common set of expectations for the knowledge and skills that students are to learn in a subject by a certain age or at the end of a school grade level. Academic standards are designed to provide a clear path for students to gain the proficiency that is required to learn increasingly complex material. Standards are typically set at a state level and represent what students should know, understand, and be able to do.

About the Standards Explorer


The Standards Explorer on eduTOOLBOX enables you to easily browse through many sets of academic standard. You can choose the state, the content area, and the grade level. Each set of standards reflects the organization and structure as designed by its originating body.


While viewing a set of standards, you will find that many standards have academic standards that have been aligned to teaching and learning of that standards.  Click on the "number of resources" link, and you will find a listing of learning plans, classroom resources, multimedia, and professional learning materials that are associated with that particular standard.

These are the same resources as in the Instructional Exchange and the Educator's Toolkit; just a different way to discover them!

Get started

We hope you will start using the Standards Explorer right now! You can find it as a major function at the top of the eduTOOLBOX home page.  (Look for the binoculars icon.)