Podcasts are a convenient way to expand your knowledge and extend your personal learning network. Whether you listen while you're on-the-go or when at your computer, a podcast can bring expert voices and meaningful information straight to you.

Lunch & Learn Podcast iconAyers Lunch & Learn (A.L.L.) podcast:

Where we're A.L.L. about education!

The "Lunch & Learn" podcast from the Ayers Institute provides bite-sized portions of professional learning. Each episode is 10-15 minutes long, focuses on a topic that is relevant to professional educators, and concludes with a prompt to generate discussion within your community of practice.

Resources for each episode

For each episode of the Ayers Institute Lunch & Learn Podcast, a professional learning guide document will be posted to eduTOOLBOX.

Accessing the podcast audio

You can listen to podcast episodes on the Ayers Institute Podcast Web pages.  In addition, you can subscribe to the podcast (RSS feed) to automatically receive the latest episodes. This will allow you to play the episodes through the podcast app on your mobile device.