Tech Tools Colloquium

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 9:30am (75 minutes)
Andrews Institute, Ezell 3rd Floor

Tools for creatively integrating technology within learning.

YOU can produce engaging digital learning experiences that generate data

Presented by Nicole Arrighi from Tennessee State University.

This presentation will reinforce the importance of instructional technology advocacy through the demonstration of an application that works closely with the education profession. In addition to NearPod's promotion of engaged, student-centered learning, the presentation will acknowledge the digital divide between 21st century learners and their 20th century (often trained) teachers, administrators, and educational preparatory providers.

Breakout! A Creative Professional Learning Approach

Presented by Julia Osteen from the Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning & Innovation at Lipscomb University.

Breakout EDU is an immersive learning games platform that transfers the ownership of learning from the instructor to the student. Students apply content knowledge as well as the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication to successfully “break out.” See how this approach can be applied to professional learning and take a look at “behind the scenes” in order to get a vision for how you can create your own digital breakout.

Session presenters

Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning — Tennessee State University
Technology Integration Specialist, Instructor — Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning & Innovation; Lipscomb University College of Education

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