Jason Smith

Tennessee State University

2014    Ed.D, Education and Administration Tennessee State University

2007    Health and Sports Science +30 Tennessee State University

2003    M.A. Tennessee State University

2001     B.S. Tennessee State University

My name is Jason Smith. I currently reside in Mount Juliet, TN. I was reared in Nashville, TN in a multicultural environment. The socioeconomically circumstances in which I was raised has given me a unique ability to excel in diverse atmospheres.

I was a football, basketball, track and field coach and athletic director for an inner-city Metropolitan Nashville Public School System for twelve years. Building everlasting relationships with my student-athletes has given me the strength as well as empathy in many situations to create a successful path for others. I am a servant leader with a great ability to light a fire in people rather than under people. My passion is teaching all ages and creating opportunities for success for future teachers, coaches, and mentors in the educational environment.  As of 2012, I decided to expand my experience at the collegiate level at Tennessee State University. Over the past two years my ability to provide leadership in developing and achieving strategic goals and objectives, as well as my ability to build community participation among diverse student groups, academic departments, staff, and student both on and off campus and institutional levels (i.e., programs for faculty, staff, students, and community). I am full of energy and bring a positive approach to teaching and learning in any environment.

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Poster Sessions  Fortify 2017: Strengthening Teachers and LeadersSep 13, 2017 10:55 am