Ada Winford

Exceptional Education Behavior Coaching Team/Lead
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

B.A. in Moderate to Severe Disabilities

M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction

My name is Ada Winford. I’ve earned my undergraduate degree in special education from Florida International University. I have a graduate degree from Arkansas State University in Curriculum and Instruction. I have also passed my state exams for beginning administration. I have been a special educator for approximately 20 years. My first six years were in Miami, Florida as a special educator and interdisciplinary team leader for the middle school exceptional education staff. I have experience working with children with autism and related disorders from pre-school to high school grades. At the present time, I am a member of the Exceptional Education Behavior Coaching Team and also support the needs of children in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools’ low incidence programs. Also as a Hispanic, I am able to meet the needs of students with disability fitting this demographic.

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