What if educators chose joy?

Date / time:
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 8:20am (30 min)
Lipscomb University Spark Idea Center, Downtown-Nashville, TN

As educators, we seek to have a significant impact on the world around us, and more specifically on the students under our care.  Teachers have been entrusted with a task of great magnitude – to form young people, and to empower them to attain the happiness which each desires in the depths of his or her being.  We are given the task of accompanying our students on a journey – a journey towards finding joy.  To do this, we must first seek this joy ourselves, then learn how to transmit it to those around us.  We must revive our educational passion and understand our educational mission, in all its aspects.  We must be committed to academic excellence – but we also must be committed to joy.

Session presenters

Graduate student — Middle Tennessee State University