Special Angle Relationships


One lesson within a 10 Lesson Unit.  Includes teacher notes, student work and/or hands-on activities, and Exit Tickets.  It also contains formative and summative assessment with a Unit Exam. Lesson 7 is Identify and solve problems involving special angle relationships.


This lesson teaches the concepts of complementary, supplementary, adjacent, and linear pair, and includes solving problems associated with the pairs.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3108.1.1
Use mathematical language, symbols, definitions, proofs and counterexamples correctly and precisely in mathematical reasoning.
CLE 3108.1.2
Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to problem solving, including testing cases, estimation, and then checking induced errors and the...
CLE 3108.1.4
Move flexibly between multiple representations (contextual, physical written, verbal, iconic/pictorial, graphical, tabular, and symbolic), to solve problems, to...
CLE 3108.1.5
Recognize and use mathematical ideas and processes that arise in different settings, with an emphasis on formulating a problem in mathematical terms,...
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Lesson Variations

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