Rhetorical Modes

This is a very simple, brief introduction to the rhetorical modes. Using the modes is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle: most major paragraphs use at least one mode, and most papers use several modes. The modes are useful in particular in helping writers learn how to develop paragraphs, create longer papers in many subjects and disciplines, and complete careful analyses of readings. The modes may help you survive writing assignments in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. This is because some instructors give assignments using the names of the modes as key words: e.g., "Write a comparison-contrast paper on the psychology of Sigmund Freud and the philosophy of Plato." For this reason, this site may be of help to you as a reference--to help you understand just what the instructor is expecting. Good source to use with students to prepare them for writing in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines at the college level.

Lesson Variations

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