What's the Point?

This is one lesson within a larger Unit Plan that covers all the properties of triangles and several other theorems.  Lesson 1 is “What’s the Point?”  which reviews the undefined terms point, line, and plane, and develops the meanings of segments, rays, midpoints, parallel lines, congruent segments, bisector of a segment, perpendicular lines, collinear points, noncollinear points, coplanar points, noncoplanar points, skew lines, and parallel planes by looking at examples and counterexamples of the terms.  The larger unit plan, with a nice unit project, can be found hereUses cooperative learning groups, to develop definitions of basic geometry terms by comparing examples and counterexamples

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3108.1.1
Use mathematical language, symbols, definitions, proofs and counterexamples correctly and precisely in mathematical reasoning.
CLE 3108.1.4
Move flexibly between multiple representations (contextual, physical written, verbal, iconic/pictorial, graphical, tabular, and symbolic), to solve problems, to...
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