9-10 Student Loan Debt Task

CTE Areas of Study: Buisness Management & Administration

Standards & Objectives

Essential and guiding questions: 
  • What happened to Kevin Wanek? Cite evidence from the text in your summary of his story.
  • What argument does Damask make about individuals that drop out of college?
  • What has happened to the number of student loan borrowers over the past six years? What evidence in the text can you point to that has attributed to this change?
  • Compare and contrast the lifetime earnings of individuals with different levels of education. Cite evidence from the text in your summary.

Activity/Task Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: 
Differentiation suggestions: 
  •  Consider pre-teaching synonyms of difficult vocabulary words. Lower-level readers and ELL students can still be challenged without being overloaded with difficulty. This strategy can also be used to differentiate for stronger readers by introducing new, and more challenging, vocabulary. Struggling readers would also benefit from visual aids to illustrate many of the ideas presented. Pictures, diagrams, and charts alongside the text will go far to aide students as they dissect the article.