Expository Exploration

This activity from the Florida Center for Reading Research provides a graphic organizer for recording main ideas and details of a multiparagraph expository text. This graphic organizer is general enough to be used for a variety of informational texts. This could be taught in a whole-group setting, and then used independently by students reading on various levels.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
Identify the main topic of a multiparagraph text as well as the focus of specific paragraphs within the text.
Describe how reasons support specific points the author makes in a text.
GLE 0201.6.2
Comprehend the main ideas and supporting details of informational texts.
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Learning objectives: 


The student will identify details and main idea in text.

Lesson Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: 
Extension suggestions: 

Extensions and Adaptations:

  • Write a summary statement about the topic based on the text read on back of the student sheet.
  • Use other graphic organizers (Activity Master C.014.SS2).

Helpful Hints


  • Expository text
  • Choose text within students’ instructional-independent reading level range.
  • Select text or passage that contains at least three main ideas.
  • Student sheet (Activity Master C.014.SS1)
  • Pencil