Compare and Contrast 2nd Grade Unit

This three-lesson unit includes identifying compare and contrast key words, using compare and contrast key words, and comparing and contrasting fairy tales. Texts used include a short downloadable/printable narrative text; Stellaluna, by Janell Cannon; and Cinder Edna, by Ellen Jackson. All lessons include opportunities for direct teaching, guided practice, and independent practice. The included printable materials are excellent. You will need to register for the site in order to access them, but registration is free.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
GLE 0201.5.2
Apply logic in a variety of ways.
GLE 0701.1.2
Employ a variety of strategies and resources to determine the definition, pronunciation, and usage of words and phrases.
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Learning objectives: 

Learning Goal:

  • Identify similarities and differences using key words.
  • Use key words to compare and contrast two objects.
  • Use key words to compare and contrast two fairy tales.

Lesson Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: 
Differentiation suggestions: 

Lesson 1 Tips:

  • Try brainstorming a list of clue words with students before the Direct Teaching. Students would most likely be able to identify: same, different, and alike.
  • For students that need additional scaffolding, consider starting with sample sentences before moving onto paragraph reading.

Lesson 2 Tip:

  • Provide visual scaffolding by displaying compare and contrast key words in a prominent place in the classroom. This will remind students to use these words in their reading as well when they complete the Independent Practice.

Lesson 3 Tips:

  •  Support students by providing a book or movie of Cinderella to remind them of the story before comparing and contrasting to Cinder Edna. Disney’s Cinderella is a great resource.

Helpful Hints

Necessary Materials:


  • “My Brother and I” Passage
  • Example T-Chart
  • “Moving to a New Town” Independent Practice Passage
  • Independent Practice Worksheet
  • Example Chart

Not Provided: 

  • Markers
  • Chart paper
  • Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
  • Lined paper