Height vs. Arm Span

Use data from students to create a scatterplot and explore the relationship between two body measurements. The Learner Will (TWL) investigate the relationship measurement of two body parts. TWL create a scatterplot by hand and with technology. TLW investigate the linear relationship between height and arm span. TLW do a linear regression and determine the y intercept and slope in context. TLW muse the data to make predictions. TLW be challenged to use the concepts learned to preform additional investigations.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3103.5.3
Use data and statistical thinking to draw inferences, make predictions, justify conclusions and identify and explain misleading uses of data.
CLE 3251.1.2
Investigate the interrelationship between the structures and functions of the body systems.
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Lesson Variations

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Extension suggestions: 

Extra Credit:

  • Explore the relationship of one of the situations you gave for the last question.