Social Studies 6-8 Pope Urban Speech

Social Studies 6-8 Pope Urban Speech

Standards & Objectives

Essential and guiding questions: 

Text-Dependent Questions:

  • What is the purpose of Pope Urban II’s speech?
  • For whom do you think this speech is meant? Why?
  • Based on his language in the speech, how does Pope Urban II see himself? Use specific examples from the speech to support your answer.
  • Pope Urban II offers several reasons for people to join the crusades. Which of these was the most influential? Why?
  • What elements of this speech would be effective today? Which elements would not? Why?

Activity/Task Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: 
Differentiation suggestions: 

Scaffolding and support for special education students, English language learners, and struggling readers:

Students may:

  • Read individually and notate as they read
  • Read aloud (popcorn read)
  • Break sections down during small group work (ex. pair-share)
  • Follow up with whole class work
Interdisciplinary opportunities: 

How this task supports the content standards for relevant subject area courses in this grade band

  • This task requires students to read about one of the most significant events impacting Europe and the Middle East: the Christian Crusades.
  • This task would be appropriate for the content standards of a 7th grade social studies course (world history)