The Six Secrets of Change


Fullan, Michael. (2011). The Six Secrets of Change: What the Best Leaders Do to Help Their Organizations Survive and Thrive. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.

Successful organizations adjust quickly and intelligently to shifts in consumer tastes, political climate, and economic opportunity. How do they do it? The Six Secrets of Change explores essential lessons for business and public sector leaders for thriving in today's complex environment. Fullan draws on his acclaimed work in bringing about large-scale and substantial change in education reform in both public school systems and universities, as well as engaging in major change initiatives internationally. This book is filled with lessons that are insightful, actionable, and concisely communicable.

"Fullan has an uncanny ability to produce what is needed at the time it is needed. The six secrets are based in theory, grounded in practice, powerful in their relationship to each other, and described in ways that enable deep understanding. It is a refreshing change from the surface lists of leadership and change ideas that all too often permeate education and business literature." —Vicki Phillips, director of education, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Includes so-called leadership "secrets" that are decoded to be accessible and useful
  • Offers illustrative examples from a variety of businesses, health organizations, and public education systems
  • Lays out the six factors to organizational success: collegiality, long-range plans allow for the unknown, nurture employees, learning, leadership at all levels, and positive pressure must be inescapable
  • Michael Fullan is the author of the acclaimed best-seller Leading in a Culture of Change

Table of Contents:

  • Preface vii
  • Acknowledgments xi
  • About the Author xiii
  • Introduction: Have Theory, Will Travel 1
  • Secret One: Love Your Employees 19
  • Secret Two: Connect Peers with Purpose 39
  • Secret Three: Capacity Building Prevails 55
  • Secret Four: Learning Is the Work 73
  • Secret Five: Transparency Rules 91
  • Secret Six: Systems Learn 105
  • Conclusion: Keeping the Secrets 123
  • References 137
  • Index 145