Surefire Ways To Engage Kids in Learning Chemistry

Whenever you share your love of science through outreach activities with children, tweens, and teens, they believe they are in the presence of greatness. To them, you are a celebrity. Whether you visit a classroom, invite students to your campus, or capture their minds at a science center, library, or other public venue, you are a unique voice with intriguing information about how chemistry works in our everyday world.

Of course, as a volunteer ambassador of chemistry, you’re not trying to be a celebrity; your goal is to get kids to learn and be just as excited about chemistry as you are. 

So how can you design an outreach event that is both educational and exciting (and, of course, safe)? Read on to find out how to get those smiles, spark curiosity, and motivate kids to both learn and like chemistry.

Helpful Hints

This resource gives helpful advice for how to reach different ages of students. Scrolling towards the bottom is helpful hints for how to reach students at different ages in a subject as complex as chemistry.