1st Grade Reading (Cone)

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INVEST Model Lessons

Emily Cone 
1st Grade Teacher 
Smyrna Elementary School; Rutherford County


I loved that they got to move around a lot, staying busy and kept them from being bored. Loved the ball at phonics time, too. Helps with focus; maybe causing them to remember it better.
--Donna Ripley

I am going to "harvest' a lot of ideas from this video! Loved the ball activity to sound out and count words! Loved the sound boxes already available to them on the desks.
--Natalie Alexander

I really enjoyed watching this lesson unfold. The children were actively engaged in this lesson. Ms.Cone has some wonderful teaching strategies for phoneme segmentation. I am going to have to copy these! I appreciate the love Ms. Cone so evidently has for these children in her classroom.
--Joyce Angel

Great lesson. Students worked with the sound and developed meaning.
--Sheila Houston

She clearly stated the objective
--Scandi Marshall

What an awesome lesson and teacher! She kept students engaged throughout the lesson. Lots of opportunities for multi-sensory activities!
--Kathy Daugherty

Love that I see first graders understanding words such as "rubric" and "text". We've come a long way since I was in first grade!
--Caroline Davis

This was an awesome lesson, especially how the students are actively engaged with the teacher. The approach of the ball activity created a conducive environment for students to learn.
--Hamoud Alshammari

Amazing lesson! I loved the focus and connections throughout.
--Valerie Sharp

I loved how she was soft spoken to the children they were well behaved and listen well to her instructions.
--Marlene Vaughn

The teacher kept them moving and transitions were smooth and quick. She also timed them on a lesson which helps with keeping the pace going.
--Miranda Reid

I liked how the teacher never told them that the answer was wrong. Teacher would guide them to getting the right answer or putting them in the right direction. Teacher has control of her classroom, and the students are behaved. The lesson and the activities are intriguing the students. Well done. Great teaching and great student participation.
--Bradley Phelps

I like how Ms. Cone made sure to keep asking questions and calling on students to make sure they kept engaged in the lessons.
--Lauren Smtih

The students were truly engaged throughout the activities. It's very evident that Ms. Cone initially built relationships with her students and have clear rules and routines. Children tend to learn more in a structured and peaceful environment.
--Rhonda McKinney

--Michelle Comstock

I really enjoyed watching this!!
--Alesandra Warf

I love how soft spoken she is. I always feel like I have to talk at a loud volume, especially when wearing my mask, and listening to her was so soothing and relaxing. It makes me want to work on that for myself.
--Bailey Wilson

The teacher was very attentive and made sure the students knew what to do. The way she gave an example, then let them work with partners was very smooth because the students loved learning a lot more.
--Saige Fey

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