3rd Grade Reading

INVEST videos were produced with First to the Top grant funding from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

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INVEST Model Lessons

Theresa Jones 
3rd Grade Teacher 
Dan Mills Elementary School; Nashville, TN


-- Jorge Castillo Moreno 

This is great. I would like to view more of this person's lessons. Where could I find more information on this facilitator? (ANSWER: Ms. Jones is also featured in the video titled "TEAM Post-Conference.") 
-- Tracie Kile

I feel inspired to try many of the strategies used by Ms. Jones! 
-- Crystal Blevins

Nice job with feedback and active learning. 
-- Sue Lintelman

Great Classroom Environment, and culture. 
-- Judy Grandey

Great presentation of the lesson with ongoing feedback and active learning prompts. Truly enjoyable to watch and see the students engaged. 
-- Harriet Callier 

Such an inspiring lesson! I wish I could observe her reading instruction for an entire week! I love the accountable talk and how actively engaged students are in their learning!
-- Alexus Eldridge 

This has been such a great experience. The strategy is amazing and something I can't wait to try in my classroom. 
-- Bradley Phelps

I can see her passion and care for the students. The classroom is on task and cooperative and the students are engaged. It is clear each student is met where they are at and students are able to grow optimally. 
-- Alexis Robertson 

I love how she says things like "raise the roof" in place of raise your hand. She is firm but calm. I love how all of her students are fully and actively engaged. Mrs. Jones is amazing! 
-- Terri Lester

EXCELLENT organization, class participation. I love involving the students in their own accountability 
-- Michelle Pitts

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