8th Grade ELA

INVEST videos were produced with First to the Top grant funding from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

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INVEST Model Lessons

Carrie Utterback 
8th Grade English Teacher 
Creswell Middle Prep School of the Arts; Nashville, TN


I enjoyed the video. The children were really engaged and thinking was clearly taking place. 
-- patricia bump 

Thanks for sharing! I, too, use accountable talk with students as young as first grade! :)
-- Lindsay Mitchell 

Great lesson. I learned so much about quality questioning to get the students to delve deeper in their thinking. 
-- Caroline Davis

This was a great lesson. They student really were engaging and the teacher helped the students with productive struggle. 
-- Ayleem Betances

Thank you for your feedback. As an educator, we always strive to improve our practices and I cringe at some of the things I did in this lesson. As the saying goes, "Know better, do better." I would certainly do things a little different if I did this lesson again. 
-- Carrie Utterback 

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