TEAM Indicator 01: SO

INVEST videos were produced with First to the Top grant funding from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

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INVEST Teacher Evaluation

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I can statements help students to priortize learning. It helps students to place importance on what is being taught. Collecting evidence on how standards are progressing. Exit tickets : what did you learn, questions you may still have, what stopped your learning today. 
-- Recia Brown 

Objectives are a must! Students need to have a goal that they work to reach during every lesson. Exit tickets are amazing formative assessment tools! I like that they can be as formal or informal as you choose. You can have the student's write down what they have learned or observe and interact with the students as they work during class. 
-- Dewyantit Thompson 

Each video in the INVEST Video Library is a snapshot of a single period of time and should not be considered a comprehensive endorsement of an individual or organization’s professional practice.