Trauma Informed Applied Behavior Analysis

Tuesday, June 28, 2022
10:00am to 11:00am (Central Time)
Ayers Institute Webinars


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Exposure to trauma is widespread and often has pervasive, detrimental impacts. Children who have experienced trauma may react in overly aggressive ways or exhibit escape-motivated behaviors that negatively affect their ability to interact appropriately with others. Using the principles of ABA, you can provide a safe, supportive environment for children without triggering interfering behaviors.

This online webinar is appropriate for teachers, administrators, parents, and caregivers.

Dr. Annette Little from Lipscomb University's Applied Behavior Analysis Program will present current information and effective strategies.


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Academic Program Information

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) certificate and master's degree programs at Lipscomb University's College of Education. In-person and online delivery formats are offered.

Our behavior analysis approach intersects scientific methodology with an emphasis on personal investment. After graduation, you’ll know how to go beyond the data to build an emotional rapport with clients, clients’ families and the school systems in which you work to implement a holistic strategy to behavior modification.


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